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WIZ-KUT™ Heat Transfer Film Absolutely the BEST in Performance Value!

WIZKUT is great for lightweight, active sportswear fabric, and fashion apparel. Simple to cut with everyday vinyl cutters and laser cutters. Plus it weeds super easy! Apply at 300°F 8-12 seconds. WIZ-KUT is the best choice for cutting fine detailed logos, numbers and letters. Available in 49 Matte Colors and 6 Matte Neon’s, High Quality 85-95-micron Polyurethane (PU) with a light adhesive liner. Washed and dried 100+ times, remains flexible with a soft hand. Recommended fabrics: Cotton, Polyester, 50/50, Lycra, Spandex. and more.

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Cutting and Application Instructions:

Color Application:

  1. Cut in mirror or reverse with 45º degree blade.

  2. Remove unwanted pieces around images.

  3. Heat press 300°F, medium pressure, and 8-10 seconds.

  4. (Heat sensitive fabrics, 275°F. 10 seconds.)

  5. Peel Hot or Cold.

Color Application:

  1. Tack background 2 seconds, peel hot.

  2. Place next layer on top.

  3. Heat press time, 8 seconds

  4. Peel Hot.