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GTXpro + GTXpro B

Presenting the  new 

GTXpro Bulk

WHich dtg printer
is right for you?

As with any technology, not all  DTG printers are the same. To make sure your investment pays dividends both immediately and in the long-term, let our team of experts help you pick the right printer based on your needs.

GTX pro

Consistently prints less than 75+ prints per day

Start up

Versatility, speed, and high quality printing

Focus on custom printing

GTX pro B

High production needs requiring consistently printing over 75+ per day.

Established business

Modular, speed and high quality printing

Low ink cost

getting your business started?


Get started with a GTX

Starter Kit Package provides all that you need with the GTX Starter Kit Package so that you are ready to start your business right away.


learn about
dtf print!

Brother has enhanced the technology of nits GTX Series printers to make it possible to print direct to film (DTF).

After consultation with customers and dealers, it has developed a new "reversal" driver that customers can get free of charge from Brother or a certified dealer. It means that the printers can be used to print to film as well as on polyester and leather.


Outstanding Reproduction Value

By facilitating a higher resolution, crisp graphic detail, and full-color capability, DTG opens up a whole new world for textile decoration.

Produce Short and Medium Runs with Ease & Efficiency

Bring new solutions to your customers and help them make  the most of their budgets. Show them creative new ways to customize their purchases.

Get to Market Faster

By eliminating traditional artwork preparation and setup times,  you can react to trends and current events in minutes.

Print where you never could before

Don’t limit your designs or printing output due to seams,  zippers and pockets. With DTG printers, you can print over these areas and make it look great.

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