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Brother - GTXpro

Create high-quality printed garments with minimal training or experience.

Direct to garment printing (or DTG) is simply an emerging garment decorating technology that became widely available in the commercial market in the mid-2000s. Unlike traditional labor-intensive processes such as screen printing and embroidery, DTG utilizes inkjet printing technology to send a full color, detailed design directly from a computer to a digital printer with a garment loaded into it.

Features of GTX

Advance print heads and more nozzles generate faster print speeds.

Up to 17% larger printing surface.

. New Textile Ink chemistry allows for a larger color gamut and more vibrant prints.

. One pass printing of colors and white inks.

. Low maintenance with white ink circulation and an advanced wet capping station.

. Environmentally friendly and certified wash-ability water-based inks.

Material Capability

.  Unlimited color options and design reproduction

.  Efficient short runs and one-offs

.  Quick and easy reprints

.  Faster output and response to market trends


.   Unlimited color options and design reproduction

.   Efficient short runs and one-offs

Our GTX and GT-3 printers are more than just t-shirt printers. Their optional versatile platens and large gap to substrate allows you to print over seams, across zippers, on pockets and more, allowing you to expand your product offerings.

Let technology take the place of costly labor and lengthy skills training.  With DTG printing, a single person can take an order, print the items and prep everything for delivery before quickly moving on to the next job.

 Unlimited color options and design reproduction

 Efficient short runs and one-offs

.  Quick and easy reprints

.  Faster output and response to market trends

.  Seamless printing over zippers and other difficult garments

.  Reduced labor and training requirements

.  Easier set up and smaller space requirements



The ideal accessories for your GTX printer.


Print full vibrant color with GTX.

Built for versatility.


Pre-treat and cure your garments with Schultz automatic Pre-treaters.


Cure the ink on your garments with

MAXX 2G+ heat press.

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