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Made for Mass Production Direct to Garment

Explorer the features of the GTX600:

Mass Production DTG Printer

Designed to meet the needs of mass production print shops, the intelligent design of the GTX600 increases efficiency and helps with uptime, and requires less maintenance time* or operator adjustment, resulting in more output. See all the pieces that come together to make the GTX600 our most advanced DTG printer yet by reading through the sections below, or watch the video for additional spec information and explanations.

Built for Industrial-Level Performance

16 ink channels. Advanced industrial maintenance station. Solid, industrial base. Combined, they allow you to print faster, longer and more continuously than ever.

Engineered for Easy Operation

Intelligent platen height measurements. Built-in humidifier. Minimal training. Your existing labor force can tackle the GTX600 with no problems.

Optimized for Low Cost of Ownership

Affordable bulk ink supplies. Scalable configuration. Legendary training, support and warranty. It's the single source solution you've been looking for.


Industrial Construction

Made for mass production, the GTX600 is industrial in design. Built for durability from the ground up, each machine is capable of running multiple shifts per day, 7 days a week, while producing high quality prints.

  • Size - 73.23" x 81.10" x 57.48"

  • Weight - 1,609 lbs (without ink or cleaning solution)

  • Electrical - 208-220V, 5 Amps; 50/60 Hz

  • Solid steel frame with industrial casters for easy movability.


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