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Discover the vast array of garment printing and embroidery equipment-related services we offer.

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If you experience an issue with a print head please upload a log, nozzle check, and image of the sanction cap and bottom of the printhead.

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By submitting this form you agree to the following:

I am aware that Stitch City Ind. Service rates are $120.00 an hour (minimum 1 hour) for onsite labor performed by a technician, and $35.00 an hour (1-60 minutes) for travel time incurred by a technician (round trip). In addition, customer is responsible for related travel expenses, including but not limited to $.60 per mile (round trip) auto expense, plane fare, meals, lodging, etc. I am authorized by company listed above and do hereby request Stitch City Industries to provide service on the above described equipment and approve of the customary charges discussed above. Payment required upon service completion.

*Payment amount will be determined by the technician at the end of their service visit. The amount will be written on your Service Report and will be shown to you for approval.


Successful repair cost: $350

Unsuccessful repair cost: $125

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