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Embroidery Machine

Elevate Your Embroidery Capabilities.

Experience the perfect blend of speed and accuracy with the HCD3-1501. Ideal for printshops looking to enhance quality and efficiency, this machine offers advanced features like high-speed operation, a large sewing field, and user-friendly interface.

  • 15-Needle Configuration

  • High-Speed Performance 

  • Large Embroidery Area

  • Advanced Color LCD Control Panel

Key Features

  • These features are tailored to enhance the machine's functionality and user-friendliness in diverse printing environments.

The HCD3-1501 features include its compact and durable design, making it ideal for various settings, advanced networking capabilities for efficient workflow management, a quick-change cap system to effortlessly switch between projects, and environmentally-friendly low power consumption, enhancing its appeal for eco-conscious businesses.

Download HCD3-1501 Needle Brochure 

Download HCD3-1501 Manual

Standard Features

The HCD3-1501 embroidery machine’s main purpose is to enhance your business’ operation and versatility in products that you can offer

  • Maximum Speed of 1200 Stitches Per Minute

  • Large Embroidery Area

  • 15-Needle System

  • Advanced Networking Capabilities 

  • Quick-Change Cap System

  • Automatic Thread Trimmer

  • Eco-Friendly Power Consumption

  • Durable and Compact Design

Embroidery Machine Specifications


HCD3 Heavy Industrial Workloads

The HCD3 industrial embroidery machine is built for the most demanding embroidery tasks. It can handle heavy, large fabrics like duvet’s and thick blankets while providing a Super Wide 47″ field for extra large designs.


Need a sample, product demonstration, or have a question? Contact us today for a free demo on demand!

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