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maker 5 Max

Do it easier, faster and with more color than you ever thought possible.

Step Up Your Print Game with Unmatched Fabric Preparation for High-Demand Settings.

The Schulze PretreatMAKER-5 Max brings a new dimension to fabric pretreatment, offering a larger spray area and smart technology features. As an upgrade from the standard PretreatMAKER-5, this machine has been designed and built to complement high-volume DTG operations, enhancing both quality and productivity for your printshop.

Scale Up Your Production Without Compromising on Precision or Quality.

The Schulze PretreatMAKER-5 Max capabilities offer a significant advancement over the PretreatMAKER-5. The Max version introduces a broader spray area, catering to larger fabric sizes, incorporates a more sophisticated nozzle system for finer control, boasts a smart user interface and automated maintenance features make it ideal for high-volume DTG operations.

Expanded Spray Area

The PretreatMAKER-5 Max offers a larger spray area for oversized fabric coverage, ensuring even application on larger garments.

Advanced Nozzle System

This machine has been enhanced with more nozzles, which allows for finer control over the pretreatment process.

Intelligent User Interface

The interface is smart and provides intuitive controls and streamlined operation.

Automated Maintenance Features

The PretreatMAKER-5 Max is equipped with smart maintenance functions, which ensures that it runs at peak performance with minimal downtime.

Increased Productivity for High-Volume Jobs

This machine is designed for mass production and can efficiently handle large orders to boost your shop's output.

Superior Quality and Consistency

Its precision and flexibility translate into consistently high-quality prints, enhancing your product's appeal and customer satisfaction.


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