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Do it easier, faster and with more color than you ever thought possible.

Elevate Your Garment Prep with Advanced Nozzle Technology.

The Schulze PretreatMAKER-5 stands as a beacon of innovation in garment pretreatment. It features advanced technology and precision application to empower printshops like yours to produce superior quality prints consistently–elevating your business to new heights of excellence and efficiency.

Schulze PretreatMAKER-5: Transform the Way You Do Pretreat.

Discover the transformative power of the Schulze PretreatMAKER-5. This machine brings a new level of precision and efficiency to fabric preparation, enhancing the quality of your prints and streamlining your workflow.

Advanced Nozzle Technology

The Schulze PretreatMAKER-5 features a sophisticated nozzle system, which allows you to have an even and precise application of pretreatment solution, crucial for achieving high-quality prints.

Large Capacity Tank

This machine is equipped with a large capacity tank to handle high volumes of work, which reduces the need for frequent refills to maintain continuous operation.

Customizable Spray Patterns

The PretreatMAKER-5 can adapt to a variety of fabric types and sizes thanks to its customizable spray patterns, ensuring optimal pretreatment for every project.

User-Friendly Interface

The machine boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy to operate and adjust settings, this saves you precious time and reduces the learning curve for new operators.

Enhanced Print Quality

The precise application of pretreatment solution results in sharper, more vibrant prints, directly impacting the quality of the final product.

Increased Productivity

Its advanced technology and ease of use significantly increases productivity, allowing for improved efficiency in your printshop.


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