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Results® Flex-ALL® is the Strongest option available for virtually ALL fabrics in the market today!

The Ultimate HTV color film for performance sportswear and high fashion decoration that’s suitable for all fabrics, including Nylon/Spandex. Nothing really compares to the flexibility, durability, and comfort FLEX-ALL® has to offer. Results® FLEX ALL ® incorporates a proprietary “Quick-Melt” low-temperature adhesive. Cut with a vinyl plotter or even laser cut then heat apply from 240°F –- 300° F. Lower application temp leads to unlimited opportunities for all heat-sensitive fabrics. 75 microns thin with a soft hand.


White and Black films have a low tack pressure-sensitive adhesive for hot or cold peel application. The colors are cold peel. Wash and dry 100+ times with guaranteed lifetime, stretch, and rebound, and FLEX-ALL® keeps an ultra-soft hand. Note: Not suitable for 100% nylon.

Cutting and Application Instructions:

  1. Cut in mirror (reverse) with 45°-degree carbide blade.

  2. Weed away unwanted film around image.

  3. Heat apply 275°F at medium pressure for 10-12 seconds.

  4. Peel Colors COLD (Black & White can Hot Peel)

  5. Wash in normal conditions, dry cleaning suitable./li>

  6. For Sensitive Fabrics. Heat apply as low as 240°F for 15 seconds. Peel warm.




  • Simple to weed and apply.

  • Patented all fabric adhesive.

  • Smallest to large characters.

  • Heat apply from 240°F.

  • Laser cut and vinyl cutter.

  • Hot or Cold Peel.

Material Specifications

  • High grade Polyurethane

Additional Information






White, Black, Silver, Royal Blue, Red


20" x 1yd, 20" x 5yd, 20" x 10yd, 20" x 25yd

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