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"Results" Nexxus - Blue

"Results" Nexxus - Blue


Boundless by design. Nexxus htv is a safe polyurethane film with a hexoglonal metallic pattern. Applied to the top of the PU vinyl. The metallic honeycomb look is astonishing. Fashion, urban wear, and sportswear just to start. Nexxus htv has an ultra-soft hand flexible feel. NEXXUS htv is GIO-STAR. Results Nexxus htv can be cut with most any vinyl cutter or by laser. Numbers, letters, logos shine bright inside and outdoors. Simple to cut, weed and heat apply. Available in 7 popular colors.

Color: Blue
  • Application Instructions

    1. Cutting Blade: Carbide 45°degree blade, Cut in mirror image
    2. With cover sheet, heat apply at 300°F, medium pressure, 8-10 seconds.
    3. Peel when cooled.
    4. Fabrics: Cotton, Polyester, Polyester blends and more.
  • Home Washing Instructions

    • Wash inside out, cold, or warm water. Standard household detergent.
    • Drying: Low tumble dry. Ironing: Inside-out.
    • Wash and Dry Cycles: Twenty-Five (25).
    • Storage: Keep away from direct sunlight, hot and humid places.
    • Storage Duration: Up to 2years from roll lot number (Production date).
  • Specifications

    • Thickness 70 (+-10) microns
    • Carrier: Clear sticky low tack adhesive.
    • Roll size: 20” x 25yds.
    • Product Number: RNX, Color 2025
  • Additional Information


    Black, Blue, Gold, Red, Silver, White, Yellow


    20" x 1yd, 20" x 5yd, 20" x 10yd, 20" x 25yd

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