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"Results" KWIK ADH - Adhesive Clear

"Results" KWIK ADH - Adhesive Clear


Our easy to work with, 45 micron film layered with a light adhesive to accept Results IMPACT Foils (other screen print foils) for high end fashion creativity. Dance costumes, urban wear, night life, party time and colorful imaging.

Color: White
  • Application Instructions

    1. Design job and cut KWIK-ADH in reverse.
    2. Weed away excess material.
    3. Pre-heat 2 seconds to flatten fabric.
    4. Lay adhesive side flat on heat press, use cover sheet.
    5. Tack apply at 300°F for 5 seconds
    6. Peel Warm/Hot to expose adhesive.
    7. Lay the foil shiny/color side up. Flat for 100% edge to edge coverage.
    8. OPTIONAL STEP – Crunch for a distressed look.
    9. Heat apply firm pressure with cover sheet 300°F for 15-20 seconds
    10. Peel away when cooled. (COLD PEEL ONLY)

    Turn it up! From a distressed look. Come back with another foil color and lay it flat to fill in the open areas that only show the adhesive. Just follow step 9 and 10 again.

  • Characteristics

    • Suitable for all fabrics, including nylon, spandex, and Lycra.
    • Exceptional stretch and rebound.
    • Edge to edge coverage.
    • Simple to cut and remove unwanted film with ease.
  • Material Specifications

    • 45-microns thin, you can barely feel it on the fabric.
    • Clear seethrough glue sheet.
  • Additional Information




    40" x 25yd

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