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Laser Cutting Machine

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Unleash Creativity with Precision Cutting at Unmatched Speed.

The Flux Hexa is not just a tool; it's your trusted partner when it comes to speed and precision to produce precise laser engraving and cutting creations.

Where Advanced Laser Technology Meets User-Friendly Design

Welcome to the world of advanced laser cutting and engraving with Flux Hexa. This innovative machine offers an array of features designed to enhance productivity and give you more creative freedom than ever before.


  • High-Power 60W CO2 Laser: The 60W CO2 laser of the Flux Hexa is engineered for precision and versatility. It efficiently cuts and engraves a variety of materials with accuracy and quality, which makes it ideal for intricate designs on various fabrics and other mediums.

  • Large Work Area: The Flux Hexa's spacious work area is designed to handle larger projects, providing the flexibility you need as you take on bigger projects or need to handle multiple small tasks simultaneously.

  • Advanced Camera System: The integrated camera system helps you simplify the process of engraving or cutting by providing alignment and design positioning support. This gives you more accuracy, reduces waste, and ensures that every project aligns perfectly with your creative vision.

  • User-Friendly Interface: The Hexa interface is intuitive and easy-to-use for any computer skill level. This simplicity will allow you to streamline your workflow, making complex tasks more manageable and significantly boosting overall productivity.

  • Enhanced Productivity: With its powerful laser, extensive work area, and efficient processing capabilities, the Flux Hexa ensures quicker turnaround times, which is crucial when it comes to high-demand environments where time efficiency is key.

  • Versatility in Applications: Flux Hexa’s capability to work with a variety of materials greatly expands your creative possibilities, allowing you for the production of both standard and unique designs, as well as applications beyond traditional printing.


Printhead : High-Power 60W CO2 Laser
Print Resolution : 1000 DPI High Resolution
Print Speed : 1 - 900mm/s Engraving Speed
Maximum Print Width : Capable of accommodating large project sizes
Maximum Media Width : Supports a wide range of material sizes
Maximum Media Thickness : Cutting Thickness up to 10mm (varies by material)
Maximum Media Weight : Suitable for various weights of printing media
Inks : Compatible with various ink types for diverse applications
Ink Type : High-quality, versatile inks for different materials
Interface : Ethernet, Wi-Fi for easy connectivity
Power Supply : Efficient and reliable power supply system
Power Consumption : Optimal power usage for energy efficiency
Operational Environment : Designed for a wide range of operational settings
Dimensions : Compact and space-efficient design
Weight : Lightweight build for easy installation and mobility
Certifications : Complies with international safety and quality standards


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