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HCS3 Voyager 12 Needle

Embroidery Machine

Precision Embroidery at Unmatched Speed.

The HCH-Plus seamlessly blends traditional embroidery art with modern technology. This machine promises to enhance the quality and efficiency of your work with features like a smart touch panel, expansive memory, and swift embroidery speeds.

  • Seamless multi-color embroidery with 12 needles 

  • Accelerate production with high-speed capabilities 

  • Versatile embroidery area for diverse applications 

  • Intuitive operation with advanced control features 

  • Built to last, ensuring maximum return on investment

Key Features

  • These features collectively promise to enhance your printshop’s performance, accuracy, and operational efficiency.

The HCS3 Voyager 12 Needle is equipped with advanced auto-threading for ease of use, a precise laser positioning system for accurate design placement, a robust frame construction ensuring stability during high-speed embroidery, and environmentally friendly power consumption, making it a sustainable choice for your business.

Download HCS3 Voyager 12 Needle Brochure 

Download HCS3 Voyager 12 Needle Manual

Standard Features

The HCS3 Voyager 12 Needle embroidery machine boasts a range of features designed to enhance both the quality and efficiency of your embroidery projects

  • 12-needle configuration.

  • Maximum speed of 1000 stitches per minute.

  • High memory capacity capable of storing numerous designs for quick recall.

  • Large embroidery area to accommodate a wide range of project sizes.

  • Intuitive navigation and control with touch screen control panel.

  • Automatic thread trimmer.

  • Built-in network capabilities.

  • Multiple hoop sizes supported.

Embroidery Machine Specifications


HCD3 Heavy Industrial Workloads

The HCD3 industrial embroidery machine is built for the most demanding embroidery tasks. It can handle heavy, large fabrics like duvet’s and thick blankets while providing a Super Wide 47″ field for extra large designs.


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