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Performance & Precision Meets Value

Graphtec FC9000 Series is the most advanced, versatile roll fed cutting plotter to date. Revered for its dependable, high-precision cutting capabilities with both printed and unprinted materials, the FC9000 Series is the ultimate finishing solution for the wide format signage, apparel, and automotive industries. A robust feeding system, tool head, and new ARMS sensor further contribute to the FC Series’ class leading performance.

Featured Highlights
Barcode Scanning System.jpg

Barcode Scanning System

Data Link Barcode System allows cutting diferent jobs with different data sequentially by detecting the Start Mark of each new job. By reading the Graphtec barcode, the FC9000 automatically detects its linked data from a PC or USB Drives. This function is available regardless of printer or RIP software used.

USB Offline Operation.jpg

USB Offline Operation

With the USB Offline Operation function, cutting data saved to USB flash memory can be output directly to the cutting plotter, enabling users to operate the FC9000 cutter without a computer.

Powerful Cutting System.jpg

Powerful Cutting Head

The FC9000 Series barcode data management system allows the Continuous Cutting of multiple jobs with different data sequentially by detecting the Start Mark of each new job.

With Multiple Mark Compensation, the FC9000 can significantly increase your productivity. Contour cutting is repeated for each copy, cutting production time for Print & Cut applications.

Intuitive 3.7 LCD Control Panel.jpg

Intuitive LCD Control Panel

Auto Paneling automatically splits long-length jobs into smaller pages that are cut sequentially to prevent skewing.

Arms 8.0 New & Improved Functions
Expand Contour - Cutting Area - Reversed Color - Registration Marks.png

Expanded Contour Cuting Area

Reversed Color Registration Marks

Middle Marks on X Y Axis.png

Segment Area Compensation (X-Y) Recognizes middle marks between the registration marks to correct X / Y-axis distortion for greater accuracy when cutting longer length media.


Reversed Color Registration Marks With this reversed color output, sufficient contrast is created for contour cutting of pre-printed ultra glossy & reflective media.

Advanced Registration Mark Sensing system delivers precise Print & Cut results using sensors to detect registration marks and perform axis alignment. Efficiency boosting functions improve productivity for Print & Cut applications such as labels and decals.

Expanded Contour Cutting Area expands the Print & Cut area to include objects outside of the registration marks. Production efficiency is enhanced and media waste is reduced.

Powerful Cutting System.jpg
Production Capabilities

The FC9000 Series offers best-in-class productivity and abilities with a wider range of compatible media. Featuring blazing-fast 58.5”/s cutting speeds for media up to 59.1 mil at an impressive cutting force of 600 gf.

600gf Cut Force, 58.5”/s Speed for up to 59.1mil Media Thickness

Market Applications
Vinyl Signage.jpg
Print and Cut.jpg
Print &
High Intensity Reflective.jpg
High Intensity Reflective
Window Tinting Film.jpg
Tinting Film
Safety Shielding.jpg
Vinyl Decals.jpg
Sandblast Masking.jpg
Paint Protection Film.jpg
Protection Film

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