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Azon Primo Plus Neon X

Do it easier, faster and with more color than you ever thought possible.

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Unleash a Spectrum of Color Possibilities

As the only 24” DTF system that is completely maintenance-free, the Azon Primo Plus Neon X is engineered to perfection. This printer not only guarantees vibrant colors and enduring quality on almost any textile but also ensures a broad spectrum of color printing capabilities.

Advanced Ink Technology

The heart of Azon Primo Plus Neon X lies in its superior ink technology, which ensures vibrant colors on a wide range of textiles.

Comprehensive Printing Supplies

To maintain excellence in every print, this printer supports a wide array of CE certified printing supplies, including various types of powders and DTF film rolls.

Maintenance-Free System

To ensure a continuous, hassle-free operation, the Azon Primo Plus Neon X has an automatic system maintenance feature, coupled with large 750ml ink tanks and a visible Signal Light for DTF system status.

Cost-Effective Operation

This printer focuses on efficiency and optimization by minimizing waste and maximizing output, enhancing you printing capabilities without significant extra costs.

Ease of Use

Operating this machine is as easy as a plug-and-play setup. It features an intuitive LCD color touchscreen and EFI RIP for precise color prints, which translates to less time spent on setup and troubleshooting, allowing more focus on production.

Quality Assurance

From ink formulation to print output, every single part of this machine is geared towards delivering the highest quality, making sure that every garment you print meets and exceeds market standards.

Explore the Cutting-Edge Features of Azon Neon

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