The Viper XPT-1000 – The Next Evolution in DTG Pretreating

The Viper XPT-1000 pretreatment machine is the next evolution in direct to garment pretreating. It is a totally new concept and engineered to give you the best, most efficient way to pretreat your DTG garments.

Even though it is an “open” design, we’ve taken our many years of experience in manufacturing pretreatment machines and expertise in fluid dynamics to create a unique and easy to use machine that is more efficient than other machines in the market – and at a price that is affordable for every DTG shop. Now there is NO EXCUSE for continuing to pretreat by hand. And the spray STAY IN the spray area – not all over your shop.

This pretreatment machine is super-simple to use. You can set the spray width (by adjusting the spray head height) and location of the spray (by moving the spray head left to right). Using the simple controls on the front panel, set the spray length (from 2-24″) and then the amount of fluid applied (10%-100%). We include a simple chart on the top of the unit to accurately tell you how to set the Speed to achieve the desired amount of pretreatment for your shirt.

The Viper XPT-1000 – Easy and Fast Fluid Management

Proper maintenance and cleaning of your pretreatment machine is key to making sure you get a long and productive life from your equipment. Pretreatment by nature can be hard on any piece of equipment. We’ve taken our popular cleaning routine from the ViperONE and applied it to our XPT-1000.

With three simple fluid inputs, fluid management is fast and easy. Simply connect your pretreatment, clean water, and CLEANING SOLUTION to the XPT-1000. By pressing the corresponding buttons, that fluid is pushed through the system. To load the pretreatment, simply place a bottle under the spray nozzle and press the RED pretreatment button. You’ll see the pretreatment being sucked through the lines and into the spray head. At the end of the work day, put your bottle back under the spray nozzle, press the CLEAN button for about 10 seconds and then the WATER button for 10 seconds. The system will flush the pretreatment and cleaning solution through the Viper leaving your Viper XPT-1000 ready to sit until the next time you need to pretreat. There is no need to remove the spray tip daily.

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Viper XPT-6000

The Viper XPT-6000 was the machine that started the pretreatment industry standard over eight years ago. The XPT is designed to give you maximum flexibility in applying pretreatment where you need it. Six independent spray nozzles and an intuitive touchscreen interface allow for easy selection of spray length, zone width, and the amount of fluid applied to the garment. This is not a machine for the small shop, but for the medium sized and larger DTG printing facilities that require a true workhorse. Real world performance of this machine has well over 1,000,000 sprays when properly maintained.

Features of the XPT-6000

•   Dimensions 35″W x 44L x 17″H

•   Weight: 145 lbs (66 kg)

•   Platen Size: 18″ x 21″

•   Pretreat Area: 17″ x 19″

•   Adjustable Spray Length: 1″ – 19″

•   Electricity Requirements: 110V-220V


Touch Screen Controls

The Viper XPT was the first to introduce a touch screen control to the DTG pretreatment market. This interface is easy to use and allows the user to control spray length, selectable zone spraying, the amount of fluid applied to the garment with quick and easy preset options.

Multi-Nozzle Zone Spraying

The XPT was the first pretreatment machine to utilize multiple spray heads to allow you to generate different spray zones. This allows for left chest, right chest, middle chest, baby, youth, and adult spray areas at whatever length is needed for the job. It is easy to choose from the preset spray patterns simply by pressing the shirt icon on the main screen of the touchscreen interface.

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