Proel TSI – Laser And Embroidery Technology In One

Z-Galva is part of Proel TSI 4th generation of stand-alone galvanometric machines. Condensing all legacy of experience and knowledge from previous generations along with new market requirements Z-Galva provides innovative production with a high degree of accuracy, flexibility, and quality. It is equipped with CO2 sealed CW – liquid or air cooled -Laser source and a galvanometric head that provides an extremely fast working speed (up to 10 m/s), thus achieving a high level of productivity.The Z-Galva is able to work many types of materials such as wood, paper, textiles, anodized aluminum,non-toxic polymers, plexiglass, leather, food, etc. and, for this reason, it is the ideal machine for many markets including Textile Market, Trophy Market, Food and Packaging Market, Leather Market. The distance between the work table and the laser emission point may be adjusted very easily so the Z-Galva is able to marking several types of products regardless of their height or thickness. A wide range of accessories makes Z-Galva machine so flexible to be able to solve most of production needs in Laser area.

Check out our video of the Z-Galva in action.


E-Laser 1200

The Proel TSI E-laser 1200 is an all-in-one unit. The laser is built into a singlehead embroidery machine for faster production. Take advantage of the technology by offering the distressed look, reverse applique, multiple layers and multimedia.


LaserBridge System

  • Usable with any Multihead Embroidery Machine, regardless of model or maker.

  • 600x60mm laser cutting-laser engraving area on each head of the Multihead Embroidery Machine.

  • The device is totally PC controlled by means of a supplied interface card.

  • Laser cutting work parameters (power, speed, repetitions, etc.) independend for each shape to be cut/engraved in order to allow working several types of material on a same embroidery hoop of the Embroidery machine.

  • High reliable and high-performance CO2 Laser source (air-cooled) + galvanometric head (scan head).

  • Reliable heavy duty motors and controls to ensure quality for all the life of the machine.

  • Innovative building solutions guarantee high working speed and performances beyond comparison.

  • Innovative safety systems guarantee the highest safety at the work

See applique work using the LaserBridge