Supacolor is the answer to branding today's complex logos on today's technical garments.

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Supacolor Wearables 

Suitable for all fabric types, except ones with waterproof coatings.

Not suitable for fabrics that will migrate. Tested to + domestic wash cycles. 

Supacolor Headwear

Will bridge the front seam of a 6-panel cap without cracking. Only needs one press - no second press needed in most cases. Will work on wide range of cap fabrics and style.

We can print millions of colors to reproduce any logo no matter how complex.

There really is no limitations. The pricing model is deliberately simple making it easy to understand and simple to quote. All this adds up to the future of heat transfer printing.Less

No set costs.

Eco friendly water-base technology, with no PVC.

Fast turn on demand solution with a 20 unit MOQ.

Luxurious soft hand feel.

Wearable versions tested to last 50+ washes.

Durable, with excellent stretch and rebound, no cracking or fading.

Suitable for most fabric types including cotton, polyester, blends and nylon.

Transfers arrive cut and ready to press. No weeding and no cutting up sheets.

Brilliant, vibrant colors that capture the true essence of today's complex designs.

Unrivaled precision & sharp detail with no tapes, boarders or limits on colors, gradients or free floating design element.

Watch it in action!

Supacolor Sub Blocker

DYE migration transfer to stop the colour of the garment coming through the transfer. Suitable for all fabric types, except ones with  waterproof coatings.

Tested + domestic wash cycles.

Supacolor Soft
Shell Blocker

We can block colour migration from soft shell type garments to stop the spotty bleed associated with these items. The transfer has less stretch than our normal sub blocker transfer, and should be used on fabrics with no stretch.

Supacolor Promo items

Transfer is perfect for items that will not be washed. Suitable for a wide range of items - mostly Tote Bags, Cooler Bags ect. and a wide range of umbrellas. This transfer has no stretch, so its not suitable for garments.