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Art Specs

Supacolor renders incredible detail with crisp, clean edges in over a million vivid colors and gradients. Here’s how to optimize your files for perfect reproduction.

The Basics

Save as PDF

(Vector files highly suggested).


Convert Fonts to

outlines or shapes.

Check Line Weight.

Make sure free-floating lines are 1pt (0.35 mm) minimum.


Vector Art Files

Programs: Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, Silhouette Studio, Corell Draw and others.

  • CMYK strongly recommended (RGB will be converted)

  • Optional: Pantone (PMS color book codes only)

  • Convert fonts to outlines

  • Convert strokes to objects

  • Embed any linked images

  • Save as PDF (also acceptable: .ai, .eps)

Raster/Bitmaps Art Files

Programs: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fresco, Affinity Photo, GIMP and others.

  • CMYK strongly recommended (RGB will be converted)

  • 300-900dpi recommended (or send the best you have)

  • Use a transparent background for free-floating art

  • No fades or glows on free-floating art (Use clipping path to make sharp edges)

  • Save as PDF (also acceptable: .psd, .tiff, .eps, .png, .jpg)


We are here to make your direct to garment and embroidery experience.

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