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RPUFF™ gives an awesome 3D special effect that creates eye-catching designs that stand out from
the competition.

Results® RPUFF™ lets you create an outspoken identity for
fabric decoration. Creative fashion, sportswear, fun apparel,
youth garments, and more unique-looking garments. Just heat with a press or an iron. Then watch the film rise to a cool 3D look with a matte finish. RPUFF™ is available in 14 awesome colors and 5 Neons. Production friendly, easy to cut and weed, and very flexible. Comes on a clear low-tack sticky back liner. Position on the fabric with ease. Heat and enjoy in 8-10 seconds.

Suitable for Cottons, 50/50 and other similar fabrics. Just 85 microns thin (before heating) and 500 microns (after the heat transfer). RPUFF™ is unlike anything else in the market.


Cutting and Application Instructions:

  1. Blade: 45° degree carbide

  2. Force: Just lightly score the liner.

  3. Cut speed and direction: Reverse at 10-30 inches per second.

  4. Heat Application: 300°F for 8-10 seconds. Peel Hot to warm.

Washing Instructions:
Wash inside-out. Tumble dry low. No dry cleaning or bleach




  • Production friendly. Simple to cut and weed.

  • Small and large images.

  • Thickness: 75 microns, heated 500 microns

  • Matte finish, flexible, soft hand

Material Specifications

  • Polyurethane (PU) composite

  • Clear carrier, Pressure Sensitive sticky back.

  • Thickness: 75 microns, Flexible.

Additional Information






Black, Gold, Jade, Red, Royal Blue, Silver, White, Yellow, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Blue, Neon Pink, Neon Orange


20" x 1yd, 20" x 5yd, 20" x 10yd, 20" x 25yd

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