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Results® NiteLite Brighten up the Night, Graphics that truly Shine Bright in the dark.

Amazing 6 colors of shine in the dark heat transfer vinyl. Appears white/color in the day light, but when the lights go out, your graphics truly STAND OUT. Like a light in the night. Six different ways.

  • Simple to cut and remove what you do not need.

  • For all Vinyl Cutters, Laser Cuttable for Fine Detail

  • Multilayer on Cottons, Polyesters, and most any fabric, no nylons.

  • Pressure Sensitive (light sticky back) liner.

  • No problem with weeding mistakes.

  • Durable 75 Microns and Multi-Layer.

  • Heat Application: 285-300°F. Just 8-10 seconds.

  • Peel Warm.

Cutting and Application Instructions:

  1. Cut in mirror reverse with 45° degree blade at medium pressure.

  2. Heat press 2 seconds to lay fabric flat.

  3. Place NiteLite vinyl face down.

  4. Cover with parchment paper.

  5. Press at medium pressure (60 psi) 285°F – 300°F, 8-10 seconds

  6. Peel warm.