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An amazing eye catching Rainbow Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

Our special reflective heat transfer film that gives a 24 color rainbow effect when a flash light or camera picture is taken against it. Special dazzling fashion, fun, and appearance unlike anything else. Results® AURORA-B is suitable for most fabrics, especially Polyesters, and cottons. A durable but very flexible film for both light and dark colored fabrics.

  • Simple to cut with a vinyl cutter or a laser cutting equipment

  • Pressure Sensitive (sticky back) liner.

  • No problem with weeding mistakes.

  • Thickness 165 Microns.

  • Heat Application: 150°C or 300°F. Just 8 seconds.

  • Peel HOT.

  • Roll Size: 17.7” x 55yds

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Cutting and Application Instructions:

  1. Cut in mirror (reverse) with 45°dgreeblade.

  2. Weed away unwanted film around image.

  3. Turn over face down on to fabric.

  4. Heat apply 300°F, medium pressure 8-10 seconds

  5. Peel warm to hot.

  6. Machine wash and dry in normal conditions