The Ultimate HTV color film for performance sportswear and high fashion decoration that’s suitable for all fabrics, including Nylon/Spandex. Nothing really compares to the flexibility, durability, and comfort FLEX-ALL has to offer. Results® FLEXALL incorporates a proprietary “Quick-Melt” low temperature adhesive. Cut with a vinyl plotter or even laser cut then heat apply from 240°F –- 300°F. Lower application temp leads to unlimited opportunities for all heat sensitive fabrics. 60 microns thin with a soft hand. White and Black films have a low tack pressure sensitive adhesive for hot or cold peel application. Colors are cold peel. Wash and dry 100+ times with guaranteed life-time, stretch and rebound, and FLEX-ALL keeps an ultra-soft hand.

Flex-All 20"x1" yard

Available Colors
  • 1. Cut in mirror (reverse) with 45° degree carbide blade,

    2. Weed away unwanted film around image.

    3. Heat apply 300°F at medium pressure for 10-12 seconds.

    4. Peel Colors COLD (Black & White can Hot Peel)

    5. Wash in normal conditions, dry cleaning suitable.

    6. Heat Apply as low as 240°F for 15-20 Seconds *Can Be Layered with other PU Films