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Laser Cutting Machine

Galaxy Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Plotter GALAXY is Proel’s large laser cutting machine

used for laser cutting and laser engraving.

The new GTXpro from Brother: Flexible and immensely versatile. Offering all functions for mass production, the new DTG printer is now suitable for everybody.

Ideal for those who need to cut large sizes of material or even to cut material supplied in rolls.

Cutting head operated on two axes by powerful brushless motors, the possibility of mounting a fixed cutting plane or a motorized cutting plane for automatic unloading of the worked material.


Usable cutting area (1580x870 mm), external fume suction device that may be connected to a filtering unit, Ethernet interface for connection to a Personal Computer, provides for control at different power levels, cleaning of the cutting head using air produced by an internal pump or with air produced by an external source or with gases specific for laser cutting (usually Nitrogen). Laser pointer for positioning the material to be used.


  • Memorization of work files until exhaustion SD Card (4 GB capacity)

  • Management of 32 levels of laser power

  • The setting of the cutting/engraving speed and acceleration

  • You can manually position the cutting head by means of the control panel

  • Option to manually handle the cutting plane advancement by means of the control panel

  • "Pause Cut" function

  • Self-diagnostic feature

  • Cutting assisted by a videocamera

  • Cutting of compositions (automatic repetition of the same cutting shape) - only with external control via the Ethernet and PC interface

  • Management of different fume suction modes

  • Allows for the cutting the material in a straight line by means of the control panel - only with external control via the Ethernet and PC interface

  • Work cycles count for each job - only with external control via the Ethernet and PC interface


Electrical input 1phase 230VAC ±10% - 50/60Hz ±2%

Absorbed power max. 3KVA

Dimensions (WxDxH) 2270x1770x1200 mm

Noise emission < 70 dB (without fumes suction unit)

Drive motors type Brushless Servomotor

Working area (WxD) 1500x870 mm (62"x34")

Cutting plane size(WxD) 1680x940 mm (66"x37")

Fumes extraction top and bottom suction system

Laser source type CO2 - 10.6 µm - sealed type - RF Air liquid cooled

Laser power 25W / 50W / 100W / 200W / 400W life expectancy at optimal power > 2000 working hours

Laser beam delivery mirrors and XY movable cutting head

Laser spot diameter 100 µm

Cutting speed until to 1.2 m/s

Acceleration 1800 mm/s²

Optics cleaning internal or external air / external gas

Software​ Focuscut X - Video cut

Material positioning red light laser pointer on the cutting head (optional)

Vector Files Maanged plt, ai, dxf, dwg


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