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Headwear Transfer

How to Press Hats


Set Temperature and Time

  • Polyester 290F (140C)

  • Cotton 320F (160C)

  • 8 seconds

Set Temperature and Time.jpg
Load a Test Hat.jpg

Load a Test Hat


Fold back headband and spend time to make sure hat fully conforms to the platen (use the smallest platen that works).

Set Pressure

  • Manual Press: Tighten dial until the press won’t close. Loosen dial progressively until the press closes.

  • Hotronix Hat Press: 8-9

Set Pressure.jpg
Post-Press 2 Seconds.jpg

Post Press: 3 Seconds


Pre press 3 seconds to flatten out. Check if hat is flat against the platen. If not, creases will show and you will not get a good result. It needs to be flat!

Place Supacolor


Position the transfer on the garment. Lay teflon sheet or parchment paper over the Supacolor.

Place Supacolor.jpg
Press 8-12 Seconds.jpg

Press: 8-12 Seconds



Peel Immediately 


Hot peel immediately from a corner in one smooth motion. Peel with confidence and without hesitation.

Peel Immediately.jpg
Post-Press 2 Seconds.jpg

Post-Press: 2 Seconds


Use a teflon sheet or parchment to seal the edges of the Supacolor.

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