How To Heat Press CobraFlex Transfers 

We have been extensively testing cotton garments, and we have revised the "How To Press A Garment" spec sheet. On the sheet, we have added a section regarding pre-pressing any garment that has cotton on it. Recent manufacturing of cotton garments has had an increase in silicone, and lubricants in the manufacturing process, along with the cotton holding moisture. We strongly suggest that this part of the pre-press process is one of the MOST IMPORTANT PARTS of application on anything with cotton.

We recommend pre-pressing the garment for 40 seconds using firm pressure at 350 degrees. This will burn off all the silicon and lubricant that were trapped in the fibers during the manufacturing process. Also, removing excess moisture that the cotton has absorbed. During the pre-press process, if you notice a lot of steam coming off the garment once that heat press releases, it is possible that the cotton has absorbed too much moisture, and the process might need to be repeated. If this is the case, we recommend reheating the garment one more time for a few more seconds, sometimes up to 20 seconds. Once again, every situation, location, and garments differ so to test the garment before going into the pressing stage of production.

Next, you are ready to move on to the transfer application stage. Below are some recommended heating times and pressing times. Test all garments to make sure the temp and times are not damaging the garments.

100% Cotton
How To Heat Press CobraFlex Transfers No Powder(1).png
Tri-Blends & 50/50
How To Heat Press CobraFlex Transfers No Powder(2).png
100% Polyester
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