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How To Heat Press CobraFlex Transfers 

Pneumatic/Air heat-press is necessary for this application. A high amount of pressure is required to apply the transfer to the substrate or garment. The high amount of pressure ensures that the no-powder DTF transfers into the weave of the textured substrate. Dual silicone pads are recommended in some applications. CobraFlex Printers & are dealers that recommend that you test every product before going into production as each item may have different characteristics. These settings below are a point of reference for application only.  These settings below are a point of reference for application only.

Dual Heat Press/With Dual Silicone Pads
100% Polyester
275 Degrees
Max Pressure 50-60
10 Seconds
3 Seconds
305 Degrees
Max Pressure 50-60
35 Seconds
20 Seconds
5 Seconds
100% Cotton
305 Degrees
Max Pressure 50-60
35 Seconds
20 Seconds
5 Seconds

Start-Up and End of Day Printer Procedures (and Non-Production Days)


Check Ink Tank levels ink levels must be at least one inch above the lower spout

Check material (film) level

Check Waste Tank Level (Daily)

Open Printer Lid

Check that material is underneath the media guide

Power Off Printer, wait about 1 minute, then power back on

Open Main Top (RIP) software or Flexi Cobra Edition

Right click x2 - Run as Administrator

Open Well Print (Print Manager) Software

Right Click x2 - Run as Administrator 

Check that printer is in "On-Line Mode"

If not, reboot the printer and Well PRint

Conduct a deep Clean Function

Looking for Ink

Open a test Print (Cross Hair or Color Gamut) file

Turn on Vacuum Board

Print and Check Print Quality

You may need to conduct another cleaning and test print

Start your daily production


Turn off the vacuum board

On the printer push the left button once, then press and hold "left" to move the head carriage to the left slowly, be careful no to smack into the side.

With a dam, microfiber towel clean the bottom place of the heads

Be careful not to hit the heads

If you need to wipe the heads - damp microfiber towel and extremely light flat pressure

("3 hairs and some air")

With the same damp towel, clean the caps and capping platform

Make sure that the caps push down and spring back up easily

Clean Wiper

Fill Caps with Distilled water with a syringe or spray bottle

On the printer, press the EXIT button. To move the head back to the home position and seat with caps

At the end of the day Always visually double check that the caps are making contact with the heads

Close your printer lid

Close out of the MainTop and WellPrint programs

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